David Wright Pinch Hitting Last Night

Last night was a preview of what it will be like tonight as David Wright plays one more game for his beloved New York Mets at Citi Field!I was at his very first game and it won't work out for me to be there for his last but I will be there in spirit!  It wasn't quite a full stadium last night but the 25.000 or so who were there went nuts as David was introduced and settled into the batter's box with his signature stance for the first time in almost two and a half years! David's battle with spinal stenosis has been well documented but we will never know the pain and struggle every DAY that he's had to endure just to make these moments happen.  He was and will always be the CAPTAIN! Enjoy the moment tonight though it will be the very definition of bittersweet.  Let's Go Mets!  

Gerry Martire

Gerry Martire

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