Pink Floyd "Brain Damage / Eclipse"

Have you had this one on your brain the last several days? Here comes a rare total eclipse (for those in the zone of totality) and a pretty decent partial one for us here with about 70% of the sun obscured by the moon Monday beginning at about 2:20 eastern daylight saving time.  Make sure you do the pin hole thing or use your special glasses if there are any more out there to get! I know Bruce said that looking into the sight of the sun was where the fun was but we want you to keep your eyes!!  Kenny will bust out Pink Floyd "Dark Side Of The Moon", Side 2, The Dark Side, beginning at 2:20 Monday afternoon.  It's the perfect soundtrack for your solar eclipse viewing. THE perfect drink is a Total Eclipse with Stewart's orange soda, Kraken rum and a slice of orange!! Enjoy the moment! Have a cocktail, have some Floyd, have some eclipse and smoke em if you got em!  

Gerry Martire

Gerry Martire

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