Man Getting Arrested Sings Pearl Jam's "Even Flow" to the Cops


The A&E network's Live PD show sure has caused a lot of controversy since premiering last October.

But it's also provided some serious entertainment value to viewers. One recent suspect to capture our hearts is 'Pearl Jam guy.'

While being handcuffed for allegedly trespassing, the man in question complains about being filmed for the show and then in his next breath sings the opening lyrics to "Even Flow" by Pearl Jam.

"You guys wanna hear a song?" he asks. Then before getting an answer he sings, "Freezin' rests his head on a pillow made of concrete, again." 

"That's called Pearl Jam. You ever see Pearl Jam? Live?" he continues. "You ever see them motherf---ers live?"

But if that wasn't weird enough, one of the arresting Sheriff's Officers leading the man away, agrees with him.

"Pearl Jam? That's one of my favorite bands."

"Oh it's my religion, man," Pearl Jam guy affirms before asking the officers to lift up his shirt, presumably to show off his Pearl Jam tattoos. 

The officers decline, but we can all be pretty sure ole Pearl Jam guy was telling the truth.

Good luck with your case, Pearl Jam guy. You're probably not all bad.

Gerry Martire

Gerry Martire

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