Foo Fighters Global Citizen Festival Central Park

It is becoming a late summer tradition in NYC! The Global Citizen Festival! The date set for this year's edition is September 23rd.  As always a Saturday with a full schedule on The Great Lawn. There's always a stellar line up and this year we've got Stevie Wonder, Green day, The Killers, The Lumineers and The Chainsmokers.  And you never know who just wanders out on stage for a song! Everyone was buzzing this week about Foo Fighters double secret probationary gig in Chicago. Lots of buzz too when they played the festival in 2012.  You can win your tickets from Q1043 all weekend long and we can earn your tickets as well and you can find out how to do just that with all the details at 

Gerry Martire

Gerry Martire

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