Metal Festival Installs Beer Pipeline, Makes Headbanger Dreams Come True

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The biggest heavy metal music festival in the world, Wacken Open Air, in Wacken, Germany, is touting improvements to its infrastructure.

At the top of the list: is a beer pipeline which the festival says will pump beer straight to taps at its main stage.

The festival organizers say the more efficient beer delivery system will reduce lines, wait-times and traffic around the taps!

"Until this year, we always had to move dozens of barrels through the infield," reads a statement on the festival's website. "We had to bring in full barrels before and during the shows and afterwards we had to remove the empty ones. This caused a lot of avoidable traffic."

Wacken also added fiber optic cables, power supply and additional speakers as part of improvements prior to this year's festivities, July 31 - August 6. 

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