Abbey Road Recording Console Used for 'Dark Side of the Moon' Sells for $1.8 Million

The console used to record Pink Floyd's most successful album, Dark Side of the Moon, changed hands at auction Monday night to the tune of $1,807,500.

Dark Side of the Moon was Pink Floyd's eighth studio album. Released in 1972, the album has been certified platinum 15 times.

Bonham's Auction House reported the sale via Twitter. The console was listed in the beginning of March.

The 40-channel EMI TG12345 MK IV was built for Abbey Road Studios in 1971. It was used there until 1983.

In addition to Dark Side of the Moon, the console recorded solo albums by Paul McCartney and George Harrison, as well as albums by The Cure and Kate Bush.

The console was sold by producer Mike Hedges, who bought it from Abbey Road in 1983. The buyer's identity has not been released.

Thumbnail Photo: Getty Images

Gerry Martire

Gerry Martire

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