Listen to Paul McCartney, Elvis Costello's Original Version of "My Brave Face"


Paul McCartney is putting out a remastered and expanded version of his Flowers in the Dirt album next month!

One of the set's bonus tracks, a demo version of "My Brave Face" with Elvis Costello, has been released in advance. Listen to it above!

In a post on his website, McCartney recalls the session with Costello began with Costello insisting McCartney break out his old Hofner bass.

McCartney writes that he felt at the time like he had outgrown the iconic 'Beatles' bass, but Costello was onto something:

"I started playing it again and never really looked back. It's great Elvis encouraged me to take it out."

McCartney says he enjoyed watching fans catch on to "My Brave Face" over the course of his ensuing tour.

"Something like 'My Brave Face' would be a song that nobody knew at the start...of the tour and the everybody knew it at the end and it was the high spot of the whole tour."

The Flowers in the Dirt album was remastered at Abbey Road Studios. The new set will include two discs and five bonus tracks.

McCartney says his fans will enjoy hearing the demo versions because they capture the songs in their nascent stages before anyone had decided whether or not they would eventually be released.

Flowers in the Dirt remastered is available, starting March 24th. Pre-order it here.

Gerry Martire

Gerry Martire

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