Paul Simon Remembers Ex Carrie Fisher as 'Special'

Paul Simon says he was heartbroken when he learned of Carrie Fisher's death.


Fisher died Tuesday at age 60.

Simon and Fisher began dating in the early '80s, married and divorced within a year, due in part to Fisher's substance abuse problems. But the couple didn't completely break up until over a decade later. They continued dating on and off into the '90s, long after their divorce.

Author Peter Ames Carlin chronicled the tumultuous relationship in his Paul Simon biography, Homeward Bound: The Life of Paul Simon .

"Carrie added velocity to his life, a kind of wild energy that often set him alight and sometimes made him scream," Carlin wrote.

Fisher on the other hand recalled "feeling pinned beneath" Simon's controlling brain and began to feel the two needed to part while vacationing with him in the Amazon. The two split up for good after the trip.

Simon recalled moving into a Central Park West apartment with Fisher after the Star Wars phenomenon had reached its height in the early '80s.

"When I walk down the street with her," he told the Washington Post in 1983, "it's like every 7-year-old in America wants her autograph."

Fisher wrote in her own memoir that Simon's song "She Moves On" was about her leaving him. Another song, "Hearts and Bones" was written about their relationship.

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