Waitress Turns Adam Sandler Away At iHop

IHOP employee and TikTok user Dayanna Rodas shared a video from CCTV that shows the moment she told some customers they would have to wait 30 minutes for a table. Unbeknownst to her, the gentleman was actually legendary funny man Adam Sandler, and the woman with him is believed to be his daughter.

You can see Sandler's reaction to the news he would have to wait as he points to the door and the pair leaves. Many users complimented both Rodas and Sandler for how they handled the situation.

TikTokers praised Rodas for not letting a celebrity cut the line (even though she didn't know it was Sandler) and also pointed out the fact that Sandler took the news calmly and decided to go elsewhere instead of causing a scene or attempting to use his celebrity status to cut the line. Since it was posted on Monday, the video has been viewed more than 8 million times.