9/11 Stories: Joyce Moran

On 9/11, Joyce Moran’s FDNY firefighter husband, John, was on a 2-day golf outing getaway with others from his firehouse. As soon as they heard the news, they immediately left to respond. All New York City firefighters and cops were told to come in for the response. Joyce didn’t see her husband for a few days. Few had cellphones back then and service was knocked out for most in the area, but John borrowed one from a fellow firefighter to let Joyce know he was okay. Like other first responders, John worked for months at Ground Zero. Despite so many others falling ill and dying from the 9/11 toxic dust, Joyce says she never feared for John’s health because he was in excellent shape. He ate right, didn’t drink, and didn’t smoke. She recalls her total shock when John found a lump on his neck 12 years after 9/11 in 2013. John courageously and painfully fought cancer for 6 years. Blinded for the last six weeks of his life, retired Lt. John Moran died just before his 67th birthday in 2019.