9/11 Stories: Barry Bloom

Every time he hears Van Halen on the radio, Barry Bloom thinks of his close friend, Gino Calvi, who was killed at The World Trade Center September 11th.. As he fondly remembers, “Gino was a huge Van Halen fan. Any time a Van Halen song came on the radio, Gino would say, ‘It’s Van Halen.Just listen to the music’ “, and there’d be no more talking. They first met in college, at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Gino quickly bonded with Barry and his 2 childhood friends, who grew up together as a tight-knit group since kindergarten. The four were so tight that after graduating from college, they all moved to East Rutherford, New Jersey, to stay physically close. Gino was the first to marry. He met his future bride at SUNY. The last time Barry saw his friend was just two days before he died, when Barry had his trio of pals over for a barbecue. How could anyone have known that would be the last time they’d see Gino? On the morning of September 11th, Gino was on the job working as a bond trader at One World Trade Center, one of 658 Cantor Fitzgerald employees to die that day. Cantor Fitzgerald lost more that unforgettable day than any other company. Their offices were on the 101st- 105th floors, two to six floors above where the passenger plane hit, and for a few days, no one knew if Gino was alive. They could only hope and pray. Barry says his neighbor across the street made it out alive, but the neighbor behind him did not. There was no discovery of any of Gino’s remains for some time. Ultimately, the family was able to bury what little had been recovered. Gino Calvi was just 34. “It was gruesome. The guy next to me fainted because blood was shooting out of my boot about six feet into the air, like a lawn sprinkler”.