KISS Has Decided 'Where And When' Its Final Concert Will Be

Photo: Getty Images North America

Gene Simmons confirms that KISS has locked down where and when its final show will be, but the band isn't yet ready to share the news.

Kiss originally planned to wrap up the touring careers of cofounders Simmons and Paul Stanley in New York City in the summer of 2021, but the plan was scrapped due to the COVID pandemic. Kiss spent most of '21 making up dates that were postponed the prior year.

In recent months, Simmons, Stanley and manager Doc McGhee have been coy, if not completely unsure, about their next final show, except to say that it would take place before next fall.

Simmons teased the revelation in a new interview with Page Six.

"I know where and when, but I'm not [revealing yet]," he said. "I do know the last day and date. But you don't want to find out what you're getting for Christmas as a present in July, right?"

Beyond making good on a promise to take the 'End of the Road' tour around the world to every city that's supported Kiss over the past 50 years, the band is also reportedly tying the release of a band biopic with Netflix to the final show date.

As of last year, the band's plan was to release the film ahead of its last show.

Kiss has just two more shows announced for this year. Go here for the dates.

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