Watch Ozzy Osbourne Reunite With Tony Iommi To Perform 'Paranoid'

Black Sabbath cofounders Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iommi reunited onstage in their hometown of Birmingham, England, to perform during the closing ceremonies of the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

The performance reportedly began with a section from Sabbath's "Iron Man," before Ozzy was elevated to the stage, drawing a roar from the audience. Ozzy, Iommi and their band (bassist Adam Wakeman and longtime Ozzy drummer Tommy Clufetos) then launched into "Paranoid."

"I love you all, Birmingham!" Ozzy exclaimed during Iommi's guitar solo. "Good to be back!"

Members of Black Sabbath openly considered one last reunion for the Commonwealth Games before Ozzy's health and the pandemic prompted them to give up on the idea. Iommi, who still lives near Birmingham, performed at the opening ceremonies for the event.

Aside from being a live reunion between Ozzy and Iommi, the brief performance was Ozzy's first since an award-show cameo in late-2019. It's also an immensely positive sign for the frontman's recovery from spinal surgery this past June. The Prince of Darkness hopes to resume his farewell tour next year.

Ozzy and Iommi have remained close since Black Sabbath's last show in 2017. The duo collaborated on two new songs for Ozzy's upcoming solo album, Patient Number 9, including the LP's latest single "Degradation Rules."

You can watch the performance of "Paranoid" via the player above!


Photo: AFP

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