Campaign To Have Ozzy Osbourne Knighted Has Over 30,000 Signatures

Photo: Getty Images North America

Heavy metal fans from the Commonwealth Realms (and probably elsewhere, if we're being honest) aren't giving up on a campaign to have Ozzy Osbourne honored by the Queen with knighthood.

After two prior attempts to garner public support, a third petition has been launched to nominate the Prince of Darkness for knighthood.

The latest petition has garnered 32,883 out of 35,000 signatures as of this writing.

Organizer Helen Maidiotis argues that the Black Sabbath cofounder is as deserving of knighthood as other British-born entertainers before him, due to his five decades of excellence in music, his hands-on commitment to charity work in England and his proud, working class U.K. roots.

Maidiotis began beating the drum for Ozzy's knighthood at least eight years ago. In June, she sent a letter to Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall laying out the case.

Read the petition here.

Ozzy is currently rehabilitating from spinal surgery, which he hopes will allow him to perform again by next year.

His new album, Patient Number 9, is due September 9.

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