David Lee Roth Unveils New Single 'Pointing At The Moon'

David Lee Roth's live performing career might be over, but he still has unreleased music to share.

The Van Halen cofounder's latest single is a piano and acoustic guitar-driven ballad called "Pointing at the Moon." You listen to it via the player above.

Roth's last new music came in November of 2020 with a web comic dubbed The Roth Project. The five songs Roth release with the comic were collaborations with guitarist John 5, written and recorded almost a decade earlier.

"Pointing at the Moon" features similar instrumentation to the Roth Project material and very well could have been recorded during the same time period, though Roth himself has provided no additional information about the song.

John 5 told Ultimate Classic Rock last summer that he and Roth had material beyond what Roth finally released in 2020. He called out one song by name — but not "Pointing at the Moon."

"There's a song, I'll tell you, called 'Nothing Could Have Stopped Us,'" John said. "This song is so great, and I just literally will beg Dave and Dave's team to release this song. 'Cause it's about Van Halen, and it's so good. I mean, it's so f---ing good. And I just wish he would release it."

Roth might be holding onto that one, as another tune from Roth Project called "Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bar and Grill" was purported to be about Eddie Van Halen, specifically.

After announcing his retirement in October 2021, Roth was slated to perform one last run of shows in Las Vegas around New Year's. Unfortunately, the shows were canceled due to coronavirus concerns and Roth was unclear about whether he planned to reschedule.

The singer hinted this spring, amid rumors of a Van Halen tribute show featuring Alex Van Halen and Michael Anthony, that he might not be finished after all, telling one reporter, "I'm only in the middle of my first retirement."

Photo: Getty Images North America

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