David Lee Roth Hints That He Doesn't Expect His 'Retirement' To Last

Photo: AFP

David Lee Roth has dropped another hint that his cancelled farewell residency in Las Vegas was not the end of his career.

Roth resurfaced this spring to respond to rumors that he was working on creating an all-star tribute to Van Halen, alongside Alex Van Halen and Joe Satriani.

At the time, Roth confirmed that something was brewing, though, he left it unclear whether he was planning to take part in such a program as a performer, writing "PROBABLY THE ONLY ONE WHO COULD DO MNY JOB TODAY WOULD BE PINK."

Recently, the frontman was spotted at LAX by a Fox News reporter, who asked him whether he was thinking about touring again anytime soon.

"There's always a tomorrow for a singer, not so much for a trombone player these days," Roth said.

He added: "How many times did Rocky retire? Seven. I think number 3 was my favorite. How many times did Rambo have to come out of retirement in order to make the sequel? ... I'm only in the middle of my first retirement."

Before making the formal announcement last summer, Roth often made references to his impending retirement, complaining of mounting physical challenges that come with years of touring and physically demanding live performances.

Should Roth get back in fighting shape for the Van Halen tribute tour, the shows are sure to be a hot ticket, with a band featuring Roth, Alex Van Halen, Satriani and Michael Anthony.

Anthony confirmed last month that he's indeed been talking to Roth and Van Halen about reuniting for over a year.

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