Ozzy Osbourne Wanted To Collaborate With Jimmy Page On His New Album

Ozzy Osbourne tried to add Led Zeppelin mastermind Jimmy Page to the cast of guitar gods on his forthcoming solo album, but couldn't seal the deal.

Ozzy's last solo album, Ordinary Man, boasted an all-star backing band with producer Andrew Watt on rhythm guitar, Slash on lead guitar, Duff McKagan on bass and Chad Smith on drums. The title track of the album also features Elton John on piano.

Ozzy brought back Smith for his new record, but he also secured performances by Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Mike McCready, Zakk Wylde and Tony Iommi.

Speaking on a recent episode of the Talk Is Jericho podcast, Smith explained the new albums myriad collaborations.

"Tony Iommi and Ozzy have never collaborated outside of Black Sabbath," noted the Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer. "Tony sent us a bunch of riffs, and we took what we thought was the best of them, which was f---ing great. ... It's f---ing got everything. It's got all the stuff that you would want."

Smith added that Clapton and Beck provided hair-raising additions to their respective songs.

"Then Eric Clapton plays a f---ing wah-wah Cream-tyle solo. We're like, 'Eric, can you solo on this song? Wah-wah, please.' ... Because that's his f---ing thing. And so he's soloing all over this other track. Then Jeff Beck is on two songs.

"We tried to get Jimmy Page — we tried to get the holy trinity — but I don't thing Page plays anymore too much, unfortunately."

Ozzy's new album is being mastered. Smith could not confirm a release date.

Page has not performed for a live audience in years, though he has often pledged in interviews that new music from him is coming. While no Page solo album has materialized, the was back out and about last summer celebrating the new Led Zeppelin documentary, Becoming Led Zeppelin.

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