James Murray Wants Jim Kerr's Help For New 'Impractical Jokers' Punishment

Impractical Jokers is starting up again this spring with a new format featuring the show's three remaining co-creators and special celebrity guest punishments each week.

During a recent visit to Q104.3 New York speaking about his new children's book, Alien Summer #1, James Murray addressed the forthcoming Jokers season — the show's first since Joe Gatto announced his departure last year.

"The way the show works now is that every episode ends with a different celebrity guest as part of the punishment, somehow punishing the loser," Murr explained. "The first episode is the comedian Eric Andre, who's hysterically funny, and he punishes [SPOILER ALERT]. Tomorrow we film with Brooke Shields in a punishment. I'm very excited.

"One episode has Method Man; Chris Jericho, the wrestler, is in a punishment."

When Jim asked how complicated the weekly celebrity element has made the show, Murr saw an opportunity and struck.

"The real reason I came here is not to talk about the book. Jim, are you free next Thursday?" Murr asked. "I'll tell you what ... we could probably come up with a great punishment with you."

Watch the full conversation via the player above!

Season 10 of Impractical Jokers launches this summer, but the Jokers have a special, super-sized episode coming up Saturday, April 2, on TruTV, TBS and TNT, directly following the NCAA Men's Final Four game. More details here.

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Photo: Getty Images North America

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