Billy Idol Has Been Battling A MRSA Sinus Infection For Almost Four Months

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Billy Idol has undergone a third procedure aimed at resolving a MRSA sinus infection that has dogged him since late last year.

Idol first publicly explained the situation in February when he bowed out of an upcoming tour with Journey to undergo surgery related to the Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection.

The frontman resisted surgery for as long as possible, but by last month it became clear that the infection would not clear up on its own. He underwent two procedures in February to remove the infection and its resulting blood clots. Then over the weekend, Idol was back in his doctor's care, getting an IV antibiotic treatment, as his MRSA proved resistant to oral antibiotics.

With at least two weeks of treatments ahead of him, Idol said Sunday that he is determined to stay optimistic.

"Lets see if this works ... probably will .. think positive!" he wrote via Twitter.

Elaborating on Monday about his mindset, Idol wrote: "One thing that's keeping me going thru this MRSA sinus infection is the knowledge that the tracks for the next EP we will put out r killer!"

As frustrating as the illness is, Idol has been through worse. His last EP, The Roadside, arrived last September. The title track of the collection deals explicitly with Idol's near-fatal motorcycle accident in 1990.

He told Q104.3 New York's Jim Kerr that the accident was a "watershed" moment in his life that forced him to "re-evaluate and pull back from the edge so to speak, in terms of substances and stuff like that."

If all goes according to plan with his next round of MRSA treatment, Idol should be back onstage with his band by late-April.

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