Alex Lifeson Releases Single 'Look Inside' With New Band, Envy Of None

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Alex Lifeson's most serious post-Rush musical project, Envy of None, has released a new single called "Look Inside."

The new collective was born out of a collaboration between Lifeson and Coney Hatch bassist Andy Curran that dates back to about 2016, after Rush's final tour had ended. Eventually the duo expanded their partnership, adding singer/keyboardist Maiah Wynne and multi-instrumentalist Alf Annibalini.

Lifeson and Curran began speaking publicly about the project last summer, as its self-titled debut was being mixed.

The project's moody electronic textures and psychedelic guitar loops are juxtaposed by Wynne's angelic melodies and the innate sincerity of her voice. The band sounds nothing like Rush or Coney Hatch, and instead more closely resembles Massive Attack, Nine Inch Nails, Phantogram or Depeche Mode.

Lifeson and Curran have both confessed that a component of their excitement around around the project is how little it has in common, sonically, with other music for which they're known.

"Look Inside" is the second single from the album, which is due out in its entirety on April 8 via Kscope. The first single was "Liar." You can listen to both songs below.

Despite his pride with Envy of None's finished product, Lifeson has expressed little desire to get back onstage. Last July, he confessed that he hasn't "considered playing live" again since Rush, but he said he might reconsider doing a "handful of shows" with Envy of None to support the new album.

You can pre-order Envy of None's debut album here.

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