Iron Maiden Wants To Play Smaller Venues After Upcoming Arena Tour

Photo: AFP

Iron Maiden intends to support its latest album to the fullest next time it books live dates.

Frontman Bruce Dickinson said recently that Iron Maiden hopes to perform Senjutsu — its 17th studio album overall — in its entirety at some point for live audiences. As such, the iconic British heavy metal outfit is looking into playing venues more intimate than the arenas it's rolling through on the upcoming 'Legacy of the Beast' tour this year.

Dickinson outlined the idea during a conversation on Chris Jericho's Talk Is Jericho podcast.

"The plan we've got — it's not really a secret ... we've talked about doing the entire album, start to finish, but not this time around [on the 'Legacy' tour]," Dickinson said. "And we all appreciate that that is something that really diehard fans will probably love. Other people will go, 'I'm not gonna go see that.' So the answer is you play smaller venues so that they sell out with just your diehard fans. It's a musical thing to do; it's a musical thing."

The current tour, 'Legacy of the Beast,' was sold as a celebration of Iron Maiden's greatest work. It's too late to flip the script at this point, Dickinson said, though Senjutsu will be highlighted in the upcoming setlist.

"[P]eople have all paid their money to see ... spitfires and flamethrowers and 'Icarus' and everything that goes with," Dickinson added. "So they're going to get all that. But the first three tracks are probably going to be the first three tracks on the album ... everybody should know the first three tracks [on Senjutsu]."

After the band showcases a few choice moments from Senjutsu during the 'Legacy' shows, it will be all classics through to the band's final bows.

In 2006, Maiden endured heavy criticism for performing its A Matter of Life and Death album in full and thereby omitting many classic songs audiences expected to hear.

When the time comes for the Senjutsu tour, Dickinson says Iron Maiden will make it more all the more clear the show they plan to take on the road.

"It's going to be plain as the nose on your face, 'This is going to be what they're going to do,'" he said. "So given that, don't complain that they did what they said they were going to do."

Iron Maiden's 'Legacy of the Beast' tour gets back up and running in Europe this May. The tour is scheduled to arrive in North America in September. Get all the tour dates here.

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