Ozzy Osbourne Reunites With Zakk Wylde On Upcoming Solo Album

Zakk Wylde doesn't just make a guest appearance on Ozzy Osbourne's forthcoming 13th studio album, alongside other guitar icons Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Tony Iommi, he appears on every track, just like the old days.

Wylde has dutifully served as the sideman for the Prince of Darkness for the better part of the last 35 years but did not contribute a single note to Ozzy's previous LP, 2020's Ordinary Man.

Replying to a question from a fan during the music video premiere for "Hellraiser," Ozzy confirmed, "Yes Zakk plays on the entire new record," before adding, "He was home from tour this time unlike when I did Ordinary Man."

Ozzy previously allayed concerns of a rift between himself and Wylde when he confirmed that Wylde appeared on the new album. Prior to the comment during the "Hellraiser" premiere it was unclear if Wylde served as a featured guest or as part of Ozzy's band.

Both Ordinary Man and the upcoming Ozzy album are collaborations between Ozzy and producer Andrew Watt. While Watt handled rhythm guitar duties on Ordinary Man, it would appear that he has taken a step back in deference to Wylde.

Wylde told Music Radar in October that it was an honor to appear on the new Ozzy record alongside so many of guitar icons, Beck in particular.

"The new Ozzy stuff is sounding great. And for sure, it's an honor to play on a record with all my heroes," he said. "...On those tracks I'm playing rhythm guitar for my heroes... it's crazy! It sounds awesome and I'm beyond honored to be doing it."

Regardless of his status as a creative collaborator with the Prince of Darkness, Wylde remains firmly established as Ozzy's bandleader. Earlier this fall, he suggested that the band will begin rehearsals in early January.

Ozzy is due to return to the stage this winter after nearly three years spent rehabilitating from spinal surgery. He has a European tour scheduled January 26 - March 14.

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