Dave Grohl Lends Rock Throne To Injured Bassist Who Stopped Boise Shooting

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Dave Grohl's old rock throne, which he used after breaking his leg on a Foo Fighters tour in 2015, has a new home with bassist Darin Wall of the Seattle-based metal band Greyhawk.

Wall made headlines earlier in September when he prevented a mass shooting at a Boise, Idaho, concert by subduing an alleged gunman as he drew his weapon. The gun went off during the struggle and Wall took a bullet to his leg.

After learning of Wall's heroism — and that Greyhawk had more gigs this month — Grohl lent the bassist the rock throne so he could comfortably continue to perform, despite his injury. Grohl previously lent the throne to Axl Rose in 2016 after the Guns N' Roses singer broke his foot during the band's first reunion show with Slash and Duff McKagan.

Wall got to use the throne at a gig Sunday at El Corazón in Seattle. The band thanked Grohl for his "incredible generosity" in sending Wall the throne. After seeing the device up close, Wall called it a "wild mad-man contraption."

In the early hours of Sunday, September 5, Wall noticed a man named Ethan Byrd behaving strangely outside the Shredder club in Boise, making "finger gun" motions at people in attendance. Byrd was prevented from entering the club and got into an altercation at the door.

"I don't know if anyone else saw it," Wall told KTVB. "I got a weird feeling right away. Sometimes you confront really wasted people, or really drunk, they're really angry and they're shouting and they're belligerent. This guy was really cold, I would say."

Wall was keeping an eye on Byrd when he saw him reach behind his back and attempt to draw a gun from his pocket. As Byrd grabbed the weapon, Wall tackled him. The two struggled and the gun went off, with a shot striking Wall in the upper thigh. Wall fell to the ground and Byrd fled on foot before being apprehended by police, who had already received reports that night of a man brandishing a pistol.

Byrd faces multiple charges, including aggravated battery and use of a deadly weapon.

Greyhawk frontman Rev Taylor told King5 that his bandmate Wall is more than deserving of the throne.

"What he did in Boise was absolutely in character and absolutely an extension of how he lives his life day-to-day," Taylor told King5.

As for Wall's injury, he's expected to make a full recovery.

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