KISS 'Will' Perform Final Concert In 2022

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KISS plans to end the 'End of the Road' tour sometime in 2022, but the band doesn't yet have a date set in stone, according to longtime manager Doc McGhee.

When Kiss announced its farewell tour, the band circled July 17, 2021, in New York City as the date for its final show. But after losing a year's worth of shows due to the pandemic in 2020, the band adjusted its plans accordingly.

While it's impossible to forecast how the pandemic might affect the final year of Kiss's career, McGhee strongly suggested to Talking Metal that Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley won't be suiting up again as the Demon and the Starchild beyond next year.

"So it looks like the last show of Kiss as you know it, with Gene and Paul, will be some time at the end of next year," McGhee said. "We don't have a locked in date yet. Because of what's going on, it's very difficult for people to hold dates because we don't even know if we're gonna be able to play. So we're trying to hold dates. But it will be next year."

It's important to the band to play everywhere they promised they would, McGhee said; another 12 months should be just enough time.

"We've always been the people's band in the sense that the Kiss Army that supported us for all these years, we go to all the little towns to play," he said.

COVID has already thrown a wrench into the band's restarted tour. Simmons and Stanley both tested positive for the virus late this past summer. Fortunately, both are vaccinated and fully recovered in a matter of days. The five shows the band couldn't perform while the co-founders were sick were rescheduled.

Kiss is also working on a band biopic, focusing on its early years. McGhee revealed that the film will begin casting this fall. He said earlier this year that the hope is to have the film released before Kiss's final concert.

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