David Lee Roth Says He Will Carry On Van Halen 'Spirit' This Winter

Photo: Getty Images North America

Viewers of the MTV's VMA show this past weekend were either surprised David Lee Roth showed up or confused as to who he is.

But either way, Diamond Dave was a pleasant surprise, representing Van Halen's place in music video history at a show firmly grounded in contemporary pop.

When asked on the red carpet whether he was working on anything musical, Roth revealed plans to get back on stage in this winter.

"I'm going to Las Vegas on New Year's," Roth told Us Weekly. "We're rockin' and rollin'. You know my guitar player passed away. Eddie Van Halen — he's either in heaven or he's in hell...or he's in hell, consequently, in heaven! Read into that as you wish, and he would have me say it just like that. I carry on that spirit deliberately. There's a lot of Vegas DNA in what I do — *heavy wink* — see you on New Year's."

After copping to being a fan of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, and espousing the virtues of Utah, Roth added: "And you know what? I just spoke to Alex Van Halen, we're about to celebrate our 50th year of ragging on each other."

Roth has yet to formally announce any live performances this year. In fact, he's rarely been seen publicly since COVID.

It's anyone's guess as to what else Roth was talking about. You can try and interpret it by watching the brief interview via the player below.

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