Stevie Nicks Cancels 2021 Tour Dates In Hopes Of A 'Brighter 2022'

Photo: Getty Images

Stevie Nicks has canceled all of her 2021 touring plans, due to concerns over the ongoing COVID pandemic and rising infection numbers.

The two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer made the announcement late-Tuesday.

"These are challenging times with challenging decisions that have to be made. I want everyone to be safe and healthy and the rising Covid cases should be of concern to all of us. While I'm vaccinated, at my age, I am still being extremely cautious and for that reason have decided to skip the 5 performances I had planned for 2021. Because singing and performing have been my whole life, my primary goal is to keep healthy so I can continue singing for the next decade or longer. I'm devastated and I know the fans are disappointed, but we will look towards a brighter 2022."

Nicks has documented her worries about COVID-19 via social media at various points over the past year with poems and short essays. Nicks is convinced that she would not survive COVID-19 if she were to get infected due to pre-existing breathing issues.

Last October, she explained that a major aspect of her abundance of caution is lung damage she sustained from a life-threatening bout with pneumonia in early-2019.

"The night of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I knew before I went onstage that something was wrong with me, so I had to really pull it together," she told Variety last fall. "The next day I got really sick, and I ended up going into the hospital in Philadelphia for a week in ICU with double pneumonia and human metapneumovirus and asthma. Talk about your oxygen levels going down; my oxygen levels were hardly existing."

The ordeal forced Fleetwood Mac to postpone its spring tour that year.

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