Best Friends Suggests Carrying A Pet First Aid Kit

It's the unofficial start of Summer 2021 with the Memorial Day Weekend. And with being vaccinated, many of you will be traveling with your family, friends and your pets too!

Our friends at Best Friends Animal Society have a list of items that you can include in a pet first aid kit!
Here's their list:

"Suggested items to have in a pet first aid kit include: 

Pet First-Aid Book 

Emergency Contact List (Including numbers for your veterinarian, an emergency vet clinic and a national poison control hotline.) 

Pet’s Prescription Medications 

Coban Self-Adherent Wrap 

Kerlex Gauze Roll 

Sterile Gauze Pads (in various sizes) 

Abdominal (ABD) Pads 

Ace Bandage Wraps 

Antiseptic Pads or Alcohol Wipes 

Antibacterial Cream or Ointment 

Instant Cold Packs 

Emergency Blanket 


Blunt Scissors 

Exam Gloves 

Styptic Blood Clotting Powder 

10 ML Sterile Saline Syringes 

Cotton Balls/Cotton Swabs 

3% Hydrogen Peroxide 

Headlamp or Flashlight 

Collapsible Water Bowl 


Sling for Carrying Medium or Large Dogs" 

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