Mick Fleetwood Wants Fleetwood Mac Reunion With Past & Present Members

Could we get a full Fleetwood Mac reunion in the future?

In a new profile with the Los Angeles Times, Mick Fleetwood revealed he's completely happy with reuniting with every member who's ever been part of the legendary band.

The news may come as a shock considering there have been quite a few feuds within the band, most notably the one between Fleetwood and Lindsey Buckingham. Plus, even as recent as last year, the band's drummer has made it pretty clear Fleetwood Mac would never reunite with the guitarist.

But as it turns out, this really has been an unprecedented year. The pair recently reconciled at the beginning of the month two years after Buckingham was fired from the band in 2018. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Fleetwood revealed the two are now on good terms.

“I’ve really enjoyed being re-connected with Lindsey, which has been gracious and open,” he said.

In his LA Times interview, Fleetwood said he hopes to get everyone who's been involved with the band on the road once touring resumes.

“I hope [to get] the whole f****** lot of them [on tour]! I’m not done. And if I can get John McVie off his boat, he’s not done either!” he said. “My English pipe dream, sitting on top of a mushroom, would be that everyone who’s ever played in Fleetwood Mac would be welcome. That’s what would drive me because this is all about a collective.”

It may be hard to get Stevie Nicks on board though as Christine McVie has said she thinks a new tour would be without the famed singer.

Photo: Getty Images

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