Liam, Noel Gallagher's Joint Venture Suggests Their Latest Feud Is Over

Renewed talk of an Oasis reunion might be premature, but recent news involving the Gallagher brothers suggests tensions have eased since Liam and Noel Gallagher's last schism.

The Gallaghers are reportedly going back into business together, having recently started up a "motion picture production" venture dubbed Kosmic Kyte. Whether the brothers are thinking about an Oasis band biopic or simply bringing other stories to life on film remains to be seen.

The Manchester-born siblings were raised in a working class community by a single mother. As teens, the boys took an interest in music and by their early-20s they formed one of the most successful British bands of the '90s. After plenty of drugs, infighting and drama Liam and Noel finally ended the band in 2009, pivoting to extremely successful solo careers.

Liam claimed that he and Noel reconciled at their mother's over Christmas in 2017. But the brothers have continued needling one another publicly in recent years — although that's not terribly different from how they behaved when they were together in Oasis.

Liam has also repeatedly called for an Oasis reunion. He did so again last March, suggesting that the brothers could raise a great deal of money for COVID-19 relief if they got back together. Noel appears to be the holdout, though a year ago he denied Liam's claim they he had turned down a £100 million offer for another Oasis tour.

Adding to the excitement in the Gallagher fanbase is the fact that the 30th anniversary of Oasis' first-ever live show is coming up in August.

Photo: Getty Images

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