9/11 Stories: 'Sopranos' Actor Steve Shirripa

This is the 9/11 story of Steve Schirripa, best known for his breakout role on the iconic show “The Sopranos”, as Bobby “Bacala” Baccalieri. Steve lost three of his Bensonhurst, Brooklyn childhood buddies on September 11th. They were all from Rescue 5, just off the Verrazano Bridge on Staten Island, a fire company that suffered the loss of eleven firefighters on 9/11. Steve went to kindergarten with firefighter Carl Bini and was there for Carl’s wedding years later. He knew FDNY Captain Louis Modaferri since they met when he was just 11, and Joseph Mascali, posthumously promoted to Lieutenant, since they were teens. All were great friends, but as friends sometimes do, they lost touch for over 20 years after Steve moved to Las Vegas in 1980. In early 1999, Joey and Carl called Schirripa and a reunion was set for Vegas. Shortly after, when Schrippa was called in to audition for “The Sopranos”, Carl was there at the airport to pick him up, and Joey drove Steve to his call-back, for his first major acting role…a role that would change his life forever. After landing “The Sopranos”, Steve moved to Staten Island to be closer to his 3 FDNY pals, who helped his family move in, even aiding with repairs at the new house as Steve began his life back in New York. Steve calls the 3 FDNY’ers his angels.