Eddie Van Halen Told Friends He Was Hoping For Michael Anthony Reunion

While plans for a Van Halen reunion with bassist Michael Anthony in 2019 never came to fruition, Eddie Van Halen was still hopeful for one more go-around when his health allowed.

Eddie, who passed away of cancer on Tuesday at age 65, apparently told friends this year that he was eager to tour with Van Halen's original lineup one more time.

In a social post Thursday, Extreme guitarist Nuno Bettencourt revealed details of one of the last conversations he had with Eddie.

Bettencourt says he was working on a guitar solo for Extreme's upcoming new album this past winter when his idol and friend, Eddie, dropped by unannounced.

"As usual I got a warm hug and kiss from Eddie," Bettencourt wrote. "Even as a God, he always made you feel important. He was in great spirits. A proud dad, bragging about how Wolfie's new solo album is gonna blow minds, etc... What's cool though, was the last thing Eddie talked about."

He continued: "He said he was super excited about reaching out to Michael Anthony to finally put the original VH lineup back together. Saying that he wanted to do one final tour and have Van Halen go out the way they came in...Together...Guns Blazing!"

While neither Eddie nor Alex Van Halen ever addressed the rumors publicly, Anthony, David Lee Roth and other sources suggested that 2019 would have been a VH reunion year had Eddie's health not precluded it.

The plans to tour never advanced to rehearsals, tickets were never put on sale and no official announcement was made.

On Wednesday, Anthony and Sammy Hagar shared a short video of them talking about their former bandmate's sudden passing. Anthony described learning the news as like being hit by a truck.

Bettencourt recalled promising to show Eddie the new Extreme album when it was finished. Eddie joked that "it better be good."

The album was completed shortly before the pandemic shut everything down. Bettencourt describes himself as a like "kid, counting the Covid Days down" to when he could finally invite Eddie back over to share the new album with him. They never got that chance.

Still, like so many others fortunate to know Eddie personally, Bettencourt says he's grateful for the friendship, the inspiration and the music.

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