Is it really love if they don't twerk on your casket?

We all have had to deal with some form of death in our lifetimes. That normally makes you think of your own demise and how you want everyone to celebrate your life. Some people want a standard burial, some ask to be cremated, and others would be just fine if you get drunk and throw a party.

But thanks to Twitter we can now ask the question Is it really love if they don't twerk on your casket?

A new viral video shed some light on a grieving process that you won't exactly find every day, twerking. 

In a Twitter post, music blasts in the background as a woman wearing blue jeans and a black top is seen twerking, grinding, and gyrating on a wooden coffin that's covered in plastic and propped up on two motorcycles. More than once the woman leans down and plants kisses on the glass covering between her and the deceased. 

She isn’t the only one seemingly having a good time, the woman was also surrounded by a crowd of people singing along and cheering her on.

The clip, has since garnered close to 100,000 likes and over 29,000 retweets on Twitter.