Governor Murphy and Cuomo are duking it out over... pizza??

2020 has already given us so much for our respected governors to discuss, but why not add one more thing that could put them at odds.

The Daily Meal has released their list rounding out the top pizzas in the nation. This year a New Haven, Connecticut pizzeria came out on top and people across the nation are not satisfied that Pepe's Apizza has won the title.

According to Pix11, the governors of Connecticut, New Jersey and New York who up until now had been working harmoniously are now at each other's throats over who has the best pizza.

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont put out a statement saying how happy he was with the win cheering "Best pizza in the US," which caused NJ Governor Murphy to have a “hold my beer” moment.

He quickly shot back in a tweet, "Stay in your lane, Ned." Meanwhile, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo decided to join in and on Twitter said, "Um. Guys. You can slug it out for second place. We all know who’s number one."

Shortly after, their comment section was a mess with people furiously duking it out who has the best pizza in America.

What do you think?