Woman's Dangling Face Mask Bitten by Swan, Snapped Back Into Place

This swan is taking the Corona Virus seriously.

A video of a swan pulling a mask off a woman’s neck in a park and then snapping it back over her face surfaced on social media over the weekend and has since gone viral. The video shows, the woman wearing her mask incorrectly and, the swan snaps back into a semi-correct position.

The woman approach the swan with her mask hanging down under her mouth.As she gets close, the swan snaps forward, grabs the mask with its beak and then snaps it back over the woman’s face. While the mask does end up covering her mouth and nose (as it’s supposed to), it also ends up covering her eyes, which is not necessary to slow the spread of corona virus.

The clip has been viewed over 25.7 million times since it was uploaded late last week. It’s been retweeted over 83,000 times and has received nearly 2,000 comments.