$1-Million In Treasure Is Hidden Across Michigan

Jim Kerr has been in NYC radio since 1974 but this story might have him returning to his home state of Michigan.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, Johnny Perri was force to shut the doors on his Washington Township, Michigan jewelry store. After doors were locked, Perri gave his wife, Amy, two options…retire on the value of the store’s inventory…or…invest in an adventure. When she chose Option B, Treasure Quest was born.

For four months, Johnny and Amy traveled all over Michigan burying the “contents of Johnny’s entire store” in chunks of $4,000 each within the neighborhood. We’re talking “gold, silver, diamonds and antiques” here. The booty has been buried everywhere in the state, from metropolitan Detroit all the way up to the Upper Peninsula.

When it came to burying the treasure, Johnny said the couple “went through waterfalls, streams, we kayaked everywhere.” It took “a lot of perseverance,” but “it’s what bonded” them. So starting on August 1st, treasure hunters everywhere will be able to buy tickets through their website, and those tickets will have clues as to where the first part of the treasure is...set of silver bricks worth an estimated $4,200 (at $20 an ounce). Clues will come in the form of “puzzles, riddles, and maps” and will have a “painted X” above or near it. Good luck, treasure hunters!

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