Q104.3, Metallica Celebrate The 100th Batch Of Blackened American Whiskey

Metallica is commemorating the 100th batch of its gold medal award-winning Blackened American Whiskey with Sweet Amber Distilling Co. and Q104.3 is giving away Metallica prize packs to celebrate.

Listen to the Jim Kerr Rock and Roll Morning show every day this week for your chance to win!

Batch 100 is available exclusively in a limited-edition box set that includes two 12-inch vinyl picture discs of the custom Metallica playlist used in the finishing process of the whiskey, as well as the first edition of the BLACKENED-Zine.

Blackened, launched in 2018, is a blend of North America's finest boubons and ryes. Master Distiller Dave Pickerell uses Metallica's music to literally shape the whiskey.

Using a proprietary sonic-enhancement process called Black Noise — low hertz vibrations of the music rock the black brandy casks during the finishing process, agitating the whisky and extracting more flavor from the wood.

Photo: Getty Images

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