The "Furries" Convention Gets Cancelled Because Of Coronavirus Concerns

First it was sporting events, then concerts and festivals, San Diego Comic Con, and then the rest of the world was shut down. But now the Coronavirus has really crossed the line!

Despite the fact that masks and gloves are a big part of their lifestyle, the "Furries" convention in Pittsburgh has been canceled.

Officially called Anthrocon 2020, this convention is for people who enjoy dressing as furry animals and hanging out together. Less than a week after Anthrocon organizers said they still hoped to hold their annual convention this summer, the group announced that the event has been canceled. A message on their website reads: "Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, for which there is no timely end in sight, we have been forced to make the sad decision to cancel Anthrocon 2020. We had hoped to avoid it, but it has become clear that we will not be able to provide a convention experience that is both safe and enjoyable for our attendees. We are offering several choices to our attendees who have already paid for memberships."

The gathering, described on its website as one of the world's largest anthropomorphic conventions, caters to the "furry fandom," or devotees of "animals or objects are given human characteristics."

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