Looking for work during Lock Down? You Can Now Become a Sex Toy Tester

Well if got a lot of time to yourself and you’re looking for a new job while in lockdown you’re in luck! The sex toy brand Ricky is looking for someone to test out its products and get paid for it.

Sex toy sales are at a high right now because of the Covid-19 pandemic but this isn’t the first time this type of gig has appeared.

In December last year, Wow Tech, which looks after We-Vibe and Womanizer, was after someone to join its ‘MasturbaTEAM’, while in 2017, London-based sex toy brand LoveWoo needed a reviewer, too.

So, what are your responsibilities if you get the job?

According to the job description, you will conduct an analysis of not only the toy’s ergonomics and size, but the company’s ‘discreet packaging’, delivery methods, instruction clarity and if the toy gave you the big O.

Sounds tough right? Not really you basically get paid to climax. The pay you ask? The lucky candidate will make £100 or about 108 US Dollars per review, with a £26,000 or about $28,000 US pro-rata salary.

Other benefits include ‘unlimited orgasms’, flexible hours and, of course, remote working.

The sex toy tester will also be encouraged to share ideas for new toys.

But I know what some of you are thing, “But I don’t have a degree probably required for this job.” Well don’t you worry there are no specific requirements of candidates, beyond them being ‘all about passion’.

To apply, you need to share your contact details including your social media handle, write a brief note about why the company should choose you for this role and which type of sex toy excites you most, choosing between:

  • Clitoral vibes
  • G-spot toys
  • Dildos
  • Anal toys
  • Sex toys for men

So if you got some free time on your hands and need a few extra bucks this might be the job for you.

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