Looking for something to do? How about a tour of "Poo"

We all have a lot of time to kill now right? Well starting on May 1, Japan's pop-up museum, called Unko Museum which quite literally means "Poo Museum," will allow people to virtually visit the attraction online. 

That’s right there is an actual Poo Museum. It is filled with poop-inspired displays, games, and can snap photos using their turd-riddled backdrops which can then be shared on social media and used as backdrops for video calls. That’s perfect for your next Zoom Meeting!

In addition to admiring all the bowel-related content, those feeling inspired by their trip to the museum are encouraged to contribute their own artwork to the online collection. Visitors can also purchase edible poo-themed souvenirs at a discount.

The best part about all of this is that admission is free due to the pandemic, saving those interested about $17. The event won't be around for long, though. It ends on May 6. 

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