Ranger Legend Mike Richter Talks NHL Shutdown, Salutes 'Healthcare Heroes'

Like a lot of people, New York Rangers legend Mike Richter is a little disoriented without any sports to watch due to widespread cancelations and postponements on account of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

But as far as Richter can see, athletes aren't complaining, understanding that something very serious is going on. He tells Q104.3 New York's Jim Kerr and Shelli Sonstein that only thing to do now is wait, be safe and be ready to start playing again when it's time.

"We're in a difficult time now. Sports has a really important place in society in terms of it being a bellwether," he said. "In times of war, during 9/11, you know it's serious when you have to cut these things off cause America is a huge sports nation. But we also understand there's a real health component to this thing. I don't see a lot of the players, even from the beginning, complaining about this. I think it's very, very important to know your place. There's unbelievable heroes in the healthcare industry that are on the frontlines every day. We all will love the time when we can go back to great past times like baseball, hockey and football. Until then, more important work needs to be addressed. Hopefully that'll come sooner rather than later."

Listen to the entire conversation with Richter in the audio player above or via iHeartRadio here.

Photo: Getty Images

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