Robinson Brothers Think Former Black Crowes Bandmates Would Doom Reunion

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The Black Crowes' brothers Chris and Rich Robinson are finally explaining why other key members from the band's past were excluded from its most recent reconfiguration.

Since their last breakup in 2014, both Chris and Rich have toured in bands including former Crowes bandmates. Many Crowes fans were understandably surprised to see the brothers Robinson "reunite" the band last fall with no prior members.

Even co-founding drummer Steve Gorman was passed over for the new band (though by Gorman's own recent comments, this was not a surprise to him).

Despite the Robinson family reunion, Rich admitted to Mojo magazine in a recent interview that he and his brother are being careful not to jeopardize their latest attempt at a peaceful dynamic.

"We were both, right off the bat, 'No one from the past in the band," Rich said. "It's still precarious between us — you throw a bunch of that old s--t around, entrenched patterns of behavior, and it's just gonna trigger again."

Gorman would probably argue that the decision to reform the band with a new supporting cast was driven by money, just as its last breakup was. But he would also likely acknowledge the logic in Rich's statement. Gorman's Hard to Handle memoir provides numerous examples of the Robinsons' ruthless fighting throughout their career.

The Crowes' primary antagonist according to Gorman's book is Chris, however. The singer insists he's a better man these days. He has admitted missteps and apologized to his younger brother, but he's kept quiet on his feelings for Gorman (whom he tried to fire from the band in 2014).

Chris says therapy has worked wonders in his life and he's come out the other side of a lot of his resentment.

At present, The Black Crowes' Shake Your Money Maker 30th anniversary tour is scheduled to begin in mid-June. See all the tour dates here.

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