Coronavirus Is Causing Condom Shortages and a Rise in Sex Toy Sales

Let’s be honest most of us here in America have been panic buying things. Whether its toilet paper or paper towels we all have probably bought something we don’t need. But have you checked your supply of condoms lately? According to recent studies, couples are beginning to anticipate the potential quarantine ahead and want to be prepared.

Sales of sex toys are also higher than in previous years. The bran Womanizer has recorded figures that are much higher than in 2019 an increase of 50% compared to original forecasts. According to the math, the countries where the sales of sex toys has increased coincide with where there have been the main outbreaks of the coronavirus. From the 1st of January to the 6th of March 2020, Womanizer recorded 60% higher sales in Italy, 40% in France and 71% in Hong Kong.

Also as we talked about before on the show the keyword 'coronavirus' is on the rise on the Pornhub website, and videos are increasingly including actors wearing surgical masks.

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