People Are Turning To Youtube In Order To Do Their Own Fecal Transplants

Let's just all agree that getting medical advice from Youtube is not the best of ideas. Especially when the medical advice being given involves any sort of fecal matter. Doctors are worried that people are looking into how to administer a fecal transplant. 

Fecal transplants have been rumored to be a "cure-all" remedy for many illnesses and this idea has been circulating for years.  It requires a healthy person to donate their fecal matter and it also requires you to put it in a blender. If that wasn't enough, the final step is injecting it into your body via an enema. 

Doctors are warning people not to trust what they see on Youtube and to certainly not trust anybody who administers their own fecal transplant. While this costly procedure has shown some early promise for a wide variety of medical problems, it’s no silver bullet according to doctors. 

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