Man jailed for identity theft escapes by stealing another inmate's identity

You know the old saying “If first you don’t succeed then try try again?” Well this guy took it to heart.

It's not known when U.S. Marshals apprehended 40-year-old Kaleb Wiewandt. What we do know is that he was arrested for bank fraud, and also for and this parts important identity theft.

Wiewandt was being held in the Weber County Jail in Ogden, Utah. That is, until Tuesday, when Weiwandt escaped by ……… assuming another inmate's identity.

After learning that fellow inmate Matthew Belnap was scheduled to be released Tuesday, Wiewandt shaved his head to look more like Belnap.

Apparently shaving your head and doing nothing else was enough, along with some personal information he'd learned from befriending the other inmate, for Wiewandt to convince jail officials that he was Belnap. And so, they let him go.

What's more, jail staff didn't learn of their mistake until Belnap, hours later, informed them that he was still in jail, waiting to be released.

“This is a very rare occurrence. This is not something we see every day. It was well planned out as far as we can see,” said a sheriff's department spokesperson. Well thank god for that!

At last word, Wiewandt was still on the loose. 

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