Jon Bon Jovi Wishes Mick Jagger Would Retire

Now a lot of my favorite bands and concerts I want to see are bands with members who are no longer spring chickens. But I will go see Sabbath, The Stones, or the Eagles whenever I can.

Speaking of The Stones they are still touring well into their sixth decade, the band's stamina is making others look bad. Jon Bon Jovi told the UK's Metro that the Brit icons are his "absolute heroes," but he wishes Mick Jagger would pack it in already so he too might have that chance.

JBJ said, "I am in awe but I wish the son of a bitch would retire just so I know where the end is," the Garden State rocker joked.

Jon admits he'll "walk away" when he's no longer able to "do it as well as I've done it or better," adding, "Nobody loved the fat Elvis."

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