Video Shows Security Prevent Joey Kramer From Entering Aerosmith Rehearsal


Aerosmith's rift with co-founding drummer Joey Kramer is only getting uglier as a historic weekend for the band draws near.

A recently released video clip shows Kramer being turned away by two security guards apparently blocking the entrance to Aerosmith's rehearsal space.

As Kramer approaches, one apologetic security guard informs the drummer that they have been "hired by the other four members of the band" and told not to let him pass.

Kramer seems taken aback by the measures, but acknowledges that the two men are just doing their jobs. He asks the camera operator, "You got it?" And turns to leave.

That Kramer would have deliberately brought someone to film this exchange is unsurprising. He filed a lawsuit on Friday in an attempt to force Aerosmith to reinstate him.

The suit was dismissed by a judge on Wednesday, who sided with Aerosmith's position that Kramer had "not shown a realistic alternative course of action sufficient to protect the band's business interests" after his lengthy absence.

Kramer, who has not performed live with Aerosmith since last spring due to a shoulder injury, has been lobbying to resume his spot in the band before it receives Grammys Lifetime Achievement Award and MusiCares Person of the Year honors this weekend.

The band refused, saying there is not enough time to rehearse with Kramer beforehand to let him perform live with them but added that Kramer is welcome to attend the event alongside the rest of the band.

"We are bonded together by much more than our time onstage," the band concluded in a statement.

Photo: Getty Images

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