Take Me To The Movies: The Two Popes

The Two Popes

There are 2 reasons to see “The Two Popes”: Sir Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce. It’s a buddy movie unlike any we’ve ever seen. Who even heard of a Pope buddy movie???!!

Imagine Pope Benedict having conversations with the man who eventually succeeds him, Pope Francis. That’s the whole shtick of this film because we really don’t know if ANYTHING transpired between the two. After all, we NEVER get to see ANYTHING but the public Pope. It’s pure speculation what happens behind the closed doors of the Vatican. Still, this is a fascinating look at a church in the midst of scandal and change. This movie humanizes an institution.

Hopkins and Pryce make for perfect frenemies. The writing is sharp and at times funny. Some of the best scenes have the two church leaders sharing what we see as everyday life scenes: watching a World Cup soccer match and eating pizza. Priceless!!

3 ♥

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