KISS's Paul Stanley Says He, Gene Simmons Have Never Been Closer

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Kiss front man Paul Stanley says his band of more than 45 years has never run better than it has in recent times.

While you might think that Stanley and bassist Gene Simmons' personalities clash (which they do), Stanley explained in a conversation on Dean Delray's Let There Be Talk podcast that his partnership with The Demon has never been better.

The Starchild was asked if revelations in his 2014 autobiography Face the Music: A Life Exposed made things challenging within the band.

"No," Stanley responded. "Gene's always been very accepting. And we've only gotten closer and closer over time, which is terrific."

He continued, regarding anecdotes about Simmons in his memoir.

"I said things in the book that I felt were true, and I would stand by what I said," Stanley continued. "But it doesn't negate that in the scheme of things, he's been a terrific partner. He's a brother, and he's family. Certainly that were some things that I spoke about in the book that aren't true anymore, but they were, to me, at some point."

Among other points in the memoir, Stanley discusses feeling betrayed by Simmons' numerous projects beyond Kiss, including film acting and producing other bands. He recalls the bassist walking around with a "sense of entitlement" that Stanley interpreted as "a slap in the face" to their goals for the band.

Nowadays, Stanley says it would be "crazy" to continue harboring "ill will or animosity." He added that he and Simmons are basically family, saying the two men are like uncles to the others' children.

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