Sonstein Sunday: 50th Anniversary of Woodstock / Brian Banks

This week on the award winning Sonstein Sunday:

At 6:15am: No way would my parents let me go to Woodstock 50 years ago but listener Mike Greenblatt was there and wrote the most entertaining and insightful book “Woodstock: Back To Yasgur’s Farm.” He includes interviews with artists, crew and concertgoers. Mike joins me as we get ready to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this pivotal moment in history.

Imagine you are NFL-bound when you are falsely accused of rape and imprisoned for 5 years. That’s just PART of Brian Banks’ story, which you can see in the movie “Brian Banks”. Brian is played by “City on a Hill” star Aldis Hodge, co-starring with Greg Kinnear. The real Brian Banks joins me ‪at 7:15 AM.

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