Korn's New Song "Cold" Is Pure Mosh Pit Fuel


Korn might have picked a band time to release a single, what with hard rock fans so focused on the arrival of Tool's catalog to streaming services.

But nonetheless, Korn's new song, "Cold," is a celebration of everything the band is great at, and most of all it's really heavy.

With an abbreviated intro, the band lets loose at about the 0:14 mark with some classic Korn dissonance and a neck-spraining groove riff. Front man Jonathan Davis accompanies with as guttural a vocal as he's ever performed before the tune opens up into a swinging verse, punctuated by the detuned guitars.

The song rides another mosh riff for a few bars before introducing a more melodic refrain.

Take a listen in the video player above or here on the iHeartRadio app.

Korn is on tour with now with Alice In Chains and Underoath. Get all the tour dates here.

Photo: Getty Images

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